Beautiful design, Beautiful views: Tower House by Andersson Wise Architects.

Along Lake Travis, the longest of the Highland Lakes west of Austin, there are several small limestone cabins from the 1930s, which are used as predominantly as summer get-aways. One cabin in particular sits on a slope above the water, nestled in between old shadowy trees – The Tower House.

This building, in Austin, Texas, has been build by Andersson Wise Architects. It resembles a lookout tower from the outside, charming and perfectly designed to fit in with its surroundings – it is just visible over the tree-line. The architects have done a fantastic job on this modern yet natural-looking tower, it is full of character both on the inside and out, yet it is inoffensive within the woodland surroundings.

The dwelling has been restored from a small, almost one-roomed property, to a larger home with extra bedrooms and living space, as well as large terrace that has panoramic views of the lake and surrounding hillside. The lighting in this property is beautiful, with the warm light from within the building making the wooden exterior almost glow at night.

The old stone cabin is juxtaposed against the sleek wooden exterior of the tower. The purpose of building this tower was to limit the environmental footprint in the area, and to take advantage of the spectacular views over the lake and surrounding hills. The third-level terrace looks like one of the nicest places in the whole world to eat breakfast – taking in the spectacular views, sunlight and breeze from the water below.

Many people, myself included, dream of one day living in a self-designed one of a kind property, and the Tower House in Austin, Texas is a beautiful example of good design, craftsmanship and materials coming together to build a dream-house.

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