Don’t Brush Off Your Makeup Brushes

Keep your appearances up by making sure to take care of what goes on your face. This includes your day to day makeup brushes.

Makeup brushes are a pivotal part of your makeup application and, therefore caring for them well is imperative. Many people don’t realize that brushes can harbor lots of dirt and bacteria – even when it is your own brush that only you use. However, washing your brushes consistently can keep your brushes clean and will allow you to use them well for a much longer period of time.
It will also keep your face cleaner and healthier.

To wash your brushes, you will need a light liquid soap, tissue, paper towels and luke warm water. Personally, I use baby shampoo.


1 – Wipe any excess makeup off your brushes on a tissue. You won’t be able to get it all off on there, but you will get some. Don’t brush too hard; you don’t want to damage your brushes.

2 – Make sure you hold your brushes, bristles down, at an angle under the water, and make sure the water is luke warm. It is important that you do not get water into the ferrule of the brush (the metal piece that connects the brush handle to the bristles); the brush can become loose and fall apart over time if that happens.

3 – I personally take a drop of soap on my palm for each brush and gently work the soap into the bristles. You will most likely see excess makeup and whatever colors you were using wash down the drain.
* make sure to check what material your brushes are made of and to be sure your cleanser is OK for those brushes*

4 – Rinse the brush thoroughly, but do not submerge the brush, just get the bristles clean and rinse all the soap out.

5 – Take your paper towel and gently squeeze the excess water out of the brush.

6 – Reshape your brushes

7 – Lay them on a clean and dry paper towel and let them air dry.

Personally, I generally wash my brushes in the evening and let them dry overnight. Some of the thicker brushes, like the kabuki, will take much longer than others so make sure you don’t wash them right before needing them.

Enjoy your brushes like, almost, new and a healthier and cleaner face.

** also, make sure to wash your lip brushes as soon as possible, keeping lipstick or gloss on them will ruin then a lot sooner than other brushes **