Exclusive Look at Cesare Paciotti Fall Winter 2011 – 2012 Collection

by Laura Navarro

The Fall Winter 2011-2012 collection from powerhouse Cesare Paciotti is a stunning collection of Italian elegance at its finest but of course, we would not expect anything less. Stilettos with heels that could cut glass, embellishments and flawless designs make both the mens and womens designs must-haves on the designer circuit. The collection is peppered with inspiration from timeless designs which Paciotti have made completely their own.

I can finally admit that I have something special for Cesare Paciotti. I believe it’s called ‘Obsession‘. For the past month I’ve been rocking this new shiny pair and they look so cool. Even Hamish Bowles of Vogue was checking them out the other night – and with my weak Italian pronunciation I say out loud “Yeah, Paciotti..”

I had the opportunity to stop at the Cesare Paciotti showroom in New York and shoot the most recent collection. – Daniel Haim

The beautiful Shining Boot is a Swarovski encrusted creation with laser cut detailing slightly reminiscent of existing designs; however the Paciotti dagger makes this boot unmistakable. The extravagance has not been resigned purely to the women’s collection. For the more confident among this generation’s male fashion conscious, Paciotti have created the black leather high top sneaker with stud embellishments and an elastic buckle. Also among the male collection is the ‘Cassetta’ a lace up boot with knitted upper half creating a fusion between high fashion and the classic Chuck Taylor silhouette. For the more formal event the burgundy ostrich leather lace-up shoe with intricate detailing will not go unnoticed by any means.

The collection which is undoubtedly stunning is taken deep into eccentric fashionista territory with the aptly named ‘Cousin It’. A black ankle boot covered in long black hair resembling, surprisingly, Cousin It. While this boot is not for the feint hearted nor likely to be an integrated part of a go-to shoe collection, there is no doubt that this shoe will be walking runways and red carpets tirelessly. After all, these boots as beautiful as they may be, are made for walking.