Christian Louboutin Goes Renaissance with Fall 2012 Lookbook

Powerhouse Christian Louboutin have clearly been wracking their brains for an original campaign for the Fall 2012 collection after the recent controversy regarding authenticity. However, this has ironically resulted in the campaign being centered around recreations of renaissance art. François Clouet, Georges de la Tour, Jean-Marc Nattier and Francisco de Zurbaran are several of the artists whose iconic works of art have been incorporated into the undeniably memorable campaign.

The unison of the characteristically exquisite shoes with the equally beautiful masterpieces seems only appropriate considering Louboutins’ creations have often rightfully been referred to as masterpieces. One of the most striking images from the campaign is the recreation of James McNeil Whistlers’ ‘Mother in an allegory’ in which the subject is seen holding The Tootsie boot in the palm of her hand. A beautiful and elegant campaign for beautiful and elegant shoes, perhaps this will calm the storm of the impending fall from grace which loomed for Louboutin.