Old School Game Boy Advertisement “Keeping it Portable Was Tough.. Until Now.”

Expanding your Game Boy system does not mean giving up portability; now now. The rugged Light Boy GAME KEEPER is a durable and practically designed hard-shell case for everything you will need to get the most out of your Game Boy system.

I want to let you kids know. You truly have it all. I, luckily grew up in times that to reach a friend you had to put your roller blades on when it was still cool to roller blade, and simply knock on my friends door and hope he was home.

But let me tell you, nothing is like the Old School. I still have a Game Boy, and I still have Zelda and sometimes you will find me playing a game or two because nothing compares to the original classic. So enjoy your similar-hard case for your Xbox 360 when you’re “keeping it portable.” I’m not changing.

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