Glam Rock Watches SoBe Collection Debuts TODAY in Hollywood

by Daniel Haim

Kim Kardashian has been the center of attention for some time now (how long?) who knows. But I had the pleasure of partying with her sister at Axe Lounge just last week. Let me tell you something about Kim Kardashian that you don’t hear too often. She is one of the best people to work with. Kim is so professional, she is always on time, and we had a great time with her in the L.A. studios back in April.

Today Miami-based Glam Rock Watches announces a special partnership with the Give Back Hollywood Foundation and its new Hollywood Pledge campaign. The Hollywood Pledge brings together some of the biggest names in music, fashion, sports and entertainment to Pledge their support for philanthropy. Pledge Ambassadors include Kim Kardashian, Kellan Lutz and Adrian Peterson. Other Pledge participants include Ricky Martin, Hugh Jackman, Denzel Washington, Richard Gere, Jewel and dozens of others.

As part of its partnership, Glam Rock Watches will be selling limited edition Hollywood Pledge watches with a portion of the proceeds going to support the Pledge campaign. The Hollywood Pledge formally launches on June 1st and will be followed by a VIP launch party and beauty retreat at a private mansion in Beverly Hills. The VIP launch party takes place on Saturday June 4th where celebrities and Hollywood insiders will have the opportunity to see the newly launched SoBe collection by Glam Rock, a groundbreaking concept that offers new perspective on convertible timepieces.

SoBe’s appeal is its ‘instant interchangeability’ – in one motion both the straps and removable case covers can be changed to create an entirely new look. Enrico Margaritelli, who founded Glam Rock with wife Isabelle, says that while interchangeability in watches has existed in the past, this new patented ‘Just Click’ technology is special because of the immediacy of the switch. “We wanted women to be able to change the look of their watch with ease, just like snapping your fingers. By clicking on the metallic case cover, they can change their watch with their style and their mood”, explains Margaritelli.

“I got the idea for SoBe by seeing how people love to transition in Miami – from the office to the beach or from a boat to a party” says Margaritelli, a native of Parma, Italy. He has discovered the Miami shore to be the ultimate place of inspiration for a designer.

Each SoBe watch begins with 3 stainless steel covers: rose gold, silver and yellow gold. Additional bezel covers can be purchased for $45 in shades like blue, pink and purple, with pave diamond embellished pieces costing $3,975.