Say Good Bye To Awesome Wednesdays at The Promotion Factory!

by Daniel Haim

Photo Credit - Alexandra Kuhn

It’s just about 2PM on a Wednesday and you know what that means: we’re at The Promotion Factory kicking back on their awesome terrace and having a good time with our friends from Fashion Indie, Fashion Q&A, Cigar Smoker etc. But it’s all a little bittersweet, because today marks the fourth, and final, week that The Promotion Factory has been hosting us.

Let’s take a few moments to look back at the good times we’ve had together. I remember the first week we all made it out to The Promotion Factory, when I was one of the first people to enjoy the fresh mozzarella with tomato and Ciampa family olive oil. The weather was bad, but the catering company hooked up an umbrella and saved our day, and our laptops, from getting wet. We were able to blog about the events, but we mainly spent time getting to know everyone who attended. Great relationships have been formed as a result, and we must thank the entire team at the Promotion Factory for making this happen.

We discovered many things, some of which include Cigars, expensive Hublot watches and lots of awesome jewelry. We got closer with the PR Factory team: Giovanna, Carlotta, India, Fernanda, Jackie, Venanzio, Bennedeta, Pat, and Beppe – we love you all. Thanks for making the start of the summer just about 100 times better.