Lingerie, Knitwear and Romance: Hannah Goode by Marco Trunz

by Alice Byrne

In this recent editorial for Fashion Gone Rogue, titled Le Jardin du Bonheur, Marco Trunz photographs blonde bombshell Hannah Goode, in an editorial series that is natural, sexy and beautiful all at once!

The combination of lingerie and knitwear in this shoot works incredibly well, Hannah is radiating, with the light hitting her face beautifully in every shot. Her hair, by Isabella von Rothkirch is voluminous and sultry, which works alongside the lingerie and knitwear to give that lazy summer morning, romantic look.

One thing I really love about this shoot, is the framing of many of the photographs with a white border. I feel this makes each photograph stand out, and gives the series a fairy-tale like feel, as if you are flicking through a picture book. As well as this, the curly and romantic text add to the dreamy aesthetic.

I have found it hard to chose between my two favorite images from this shoot. I am torn between the title close-up image, and the color image of Hannah laying back on the grass. Despite this, I do also think the black and white photographs are amazing, and I feel the combination of the two works really well in this instance. I feel this black and white, color combination has been used so much in fashion editorials recently, and I do not always think that is works to the desired effect, however in this series, I really think the combination adds to the romance, magic and charm created by Hannah Goode and Marco Trunz.