Hublot’s Big Bang Projected on Alina’s Body in Numero China

by Daniel Haim

In the 30+ years Hublot has been in the watchmaking business, it has solidified it’s reputation for crafting high end luxury watches.

Hublot's $3 Million Big Bang, Photo Credit - Charles Guo

But with their recently unveiled and aptly named “Big Bang”, Hublot has outdone themselves, and any other watchmaker, in terms of bling in 2011. The watches multitude of diamond baguettes is reminiscent of the explosion of millions of stars in the creation of the universe. Model Alina’s nubile body is the perfect canvas on which to display this majestic piece of craftsmanship.

“I’m in the scene.” That’s the first thought rushing through my head and all I could think about the moment I saw the 140 carat, 637 baguette diamonds, and tourbillon movement laying on the beautiful body of Alina. Well, it’s not that I’m “in the scene” as in “I’ve worn this watch before”, but as you guys know, Bloginity is now hooked up with Hublot’s team so we get the Hublot news prior to most trend-setters out there.

This monster is not just heavy, it’s got a hefty price-tag, too. Forging this $3 Million unique creation required 45 gemcutters and 2,000 hours of work by master-gemsetters in Hublot’s Swiss factory. Now, this work of art is projected on Alina’s body for the June issue of Numéro China.

The new issue highlights luxury watches with beauty stories. Photographed by Charles Guo the pieces projected on the model are Rolex, Chanel, Hermes, Hublot, Dior, and Louis Vuitton.

Additional credits:

Styling: Shao Jia
Beauty: Xiao Long
Photography: Charles Guo
Model: Alina