Ja Rule Breaks out of Prison in Movies, But goes to Jail in Reality

by Iain Alexander

Ja Rule will begin a two-year prison sentence today on illegal gun possession charges. The rapper, who featured in several Hollywood action movies including ‘Half Past Dead’, where he had to break out of prison, will now serve real time.

For Ja Rule, the past few years have been rocky, but the rapper recently healed his beef with 50 Cent.

On his last day of freedom, Rule spent time with his family, as he prepared himself mentally for the next 2 years behind bars at the Upstate New York correctional facility.

Ja Rule was one of the biggest rappers at the start of the 2000s but quickly lost his media empire after falling out with Murder Inc. Now, on his way to jail, Rule faces a tough challenge to regain momentum.

His new album, Pain is Love 2, has been delayed.

While Steven Seagal won’t be able to rescue Ja from this particular prison sentence, the fans will certainly miss his on screen talent, as well as his music, which defined him.

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