Jessica Miller gets Expressive for Numéro Magazine.

Dynamic shoot of Jessica Miller by Sean and Seng. Shot for Numéro #124, this editorial is strong and expressive, with Jessica’s amazing toned physique working fantastically with the fashion choices.

In this shoot for Numéro #124, Sean and Seng shoot the expressive Jessica Miller in this aggressive yet sexy editorial, titled Body of Work. Mixing figure-hugging pieces and relaxed silhouettes, the fashion choices by Franck Benhamou look fantastic against Jessica’s body, with the designs of Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior and many others.

In this editorial, Jessica’s body and physique look absolutely unreal. Her body really adds to the dramatic feel of the images. Each photograph is strong and dynamic in its own right, however they work really well as a series, especially the close-ups and back-shots mixed in with the portraits and full-length images.

There is a mixture of black and white and colour photography in this series, and I would say that they black and white images are much stronger, as I feel the light works better in these. However the colour images are also very successful, and in some ways, the colour is needed to show the detail of some of the fashion choices.

It was easy for me to decide on my favorite shot from this series, as I feel one of the images stands out beyond all the rest. This is the image where Jessica is wearing a wet-look swimwear piece, and has her hair in plaits staring straight into the camera. I think this image is striking and beautiful; it is by far my favorite.

Hair by Franco Gobbi. Make-up by Lloyd Simmonds.