Keria Knightley, So Flowery for Flaunt Magazine.

Keira Knightly is shot by Yu Tsai for the summer edition of Flaunt magazine. Jewel tones, cherry blossom and out-of-this world fashion, Keira is beautifully and charming

Today I have realized that I love Keira Knightley and Yu Tsai. I am so in love this outdoor shoot, and I think it is by far the best I have seen of Keira Knightley. It was shot by Yu Tsai for the summer edition of Flaunt magazine, and was expertly styled by Yasuhiro Takehisa. It is a flowery, summery, bright editorial, titled Long Distance Relationship.

The unique location of this shoot adds to the drama and overall feel, as well as the composition, posing and dramatic color scheme helping to create a fantastic overall outcome.

Keira is dressed by Yasuhiro Takehisa, in elegant designs by Chanel, Jil Sander and Sergio Rossi, as well as many others. These stunning jewel toned creations look exceptional on this English beauty. I literally love every single one of these images, but my favorite is the close-up of Keira with the pink cherry blossom and the blue shirt dress. I want to print out this picture and put it up on my wall (and I think I probably will). Her hair looks amazing, her skin looks amazing, her hair, her make-up, the blossom – its all so good. I also really need those white earrings.

One thing I love about this shoot, is that Keira shows off the designs she is dressed in so well. I actually feel like I need everything she is wearing, and she makes everything look good. Every time I look through the images I see an amazing pair of shoes or belt that I need to add to my wish-list. Top job Keira, you are amazing.