Exclusive Preview at Lil Wayne Unplugged at the Eventi Hotel in NYC

We arrived at the preview for Lil Wayne Unplugged screening premiere quite late, about 20 minutes late as the NY Connections conference was in town – Not knowing what’s up we walked in straight to the bar as it was one of those really hot days in New York City.

Oh well, Lil Tunechi is in town and that’s all that really matters – right? I thought so. I ordered a cold glass of Pino Grigio and Vodka tonic for Michelle Arrowood, the Art Director at Steve Madden who I’ve had the pleasure of attending this pleasant event with. After a few minutes on the sofa, looking at the red carpet we realized we are either way too early or we’re missing something. I pulled the girl from MTV and asked her – what’s going on? “Daniel, you’re missing the screening!” I ran upstairs to the 5th floor and let me tell you – the screening was so private, I actually realized why it was so hard to get into the RSVP.

It’s the exclusive press-preview for Lil Wayne Unplugged and we got front seats, and first look at it all. I pulled out my BlackBerry and was tweeting a bit but I also took down lots of notes from the show. At one point Wayne said “I’m always asked the same question” – he was referring to his time spent: “How was it?” Answering; “because you are such a great audience, I will tell you” as Makavelli – Hail Mary beat started bouncing in the loud speakers and chills was going through my body as Lil Wayne started singing, “I ain’t a killer but don’t push me, revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy.” From Tupac to Lil Wayne – I’m Single. Wayne opened the show by saying “If you’re in a relationship – make some noise, but if you’re like me you’re not in a relationship.. You’re single for the night.” everyone started laughing at the room. Wayne squeezed the upcoming verse verse “I’m fucking her friends, now her friends ain’t even fucking with her.” followed by a Weezy smile, again, everyone started laughing and that’s because the video showed a girl in the crowd singing it. Priceless.


Weezy performed a new song which I’ve never heard before, it’s called Nightmare of the Bottoms – the lyrics were quite good. But one lyric I picked up from a Drake song when he sings “We in the same building, but got different views.” Lil Wayne sings “We at the same pictures, but we got different poses.” but he quickly made me forget that flaw as he said “Highway to heaven, god, can you see my headlights? Searching for today instead I found tomorrow, Married to the money – a true love story, I’m a gangsta by choice I hope my son chooses wisely.”

Weezy finished the show by saying. “3 more things.”, “Number one I believe in god. Number two I ain’t shit without you. Number three, I ain’t shit without you.” Over all it’s exactly what I wanted to see when I came out to see the Lil Wayne Unplugged preview. Like Weezy F baby would say – the F is for Flawless.