Michael Tompert – Smashing Apart Apple Technology.

Graphic-designer and photographer Michael Tompert destroys brand new Apple products as a way of questioning societies relationship with technology.

San Francisco based photographer and graphic designer, Michael Tompert, spent several months purchasing all the latest, shiny consumer technology available from Apple. He then spent his time creatively smashing up and destroying these pricey gadgets. The amazing results were a stunning photography collection, which briefly went on display at the Live Worms gallery in San Francisco.

The products were shot, smashed and melted, for the purpose of a photography project which was aimed to try and make people think about their relationship with the globally adored gadgets and technology. “They had to be a brand-new product… it’s not about destroying old products. It’s about our relationship with the new”.

Michael said that the inspiration for this project came after he bought his sons an iPod Touch each for Christmas. His sons argued over which one they each wanted, which resulted in Micheal smashing one of the iPods on the floor out of frustration.

‘They were kind of stunned – the screen was broken and this liquid poured out of it.
I got my camera to shoot it… My wife told me that i should do something with it.”

All in all, the photographic collection features twelve images of destroyed Apple technology. These included an iPhone 3G, iPod Nano’s, a Macbook and an iPad. He did all kinds of things to destroy them, including placing them on a train track so that a train would run them over, stamping on them, and using a Heckler and Koch handgun to blow the technology apart.

I completely love these photographs. I think it is such a clever way of raising the issue of consumerism and technology overload. I love all the colors from the iPod Nano images, and smashed apart screen on the Macbook.