The Muppets Are Back – They’re Closer Than You Think

by Iain Alexander

Disney is bringing our favorite puppet characters back to life in ‘The Muppets’, which promises to be their most outrageous and funny outing yet.

From Kermit’s grand speeches to Miss Piggy’s crazy ninja like unpredictability, each Muppet character has a memorable trait that audiences get a kick out of.

Back in 2010 The Muppets was scheduled to air on ABC but it was subsequently cancelled due to the new production of ‘The Muppets’, which started production in September last year.

‘The Muppets’ will take us to Los Angeles, where Walter, the world’s biggest and most hardcore of Muppet fans, along with his super cool friends, discover an evil plot by Tex Richman to demolish the Muppet Theatre and drill for oil. This sheer evil cannot be allowed to happen, and Walter must unite with his Muppet friends to stage a massive telethon and raise $10 million to preserve the theatre. Will Kermit the frog be able to save the day?

Starring Chris Cooper, Jason Segel and Amy Adams, the new Muppet adventure will also feature four new musical songs.

The Muppets comes out this November in Theaters nationwide.

The Muppets Trailer