Yotel Hotel NYC – A Spot For Four Things: Drink, Enjoy, Eat and Sleep

by Daniel Haim

The weather is unbelievably nice in New York City – we call it the calm before the storm where I come from. I spent this morning and the afternoon with Interior Design photographer Adrian Wilson, who invited me to join him for a new shoot he is working on at the brand new Yotel Hotel in Times Square.

It’s a warm welcome, and we are currently relaxing on the beautiful terrace enjoying the sun and video taping the atmosphere that’s been built here.

When you walk in to the hotel there is not much you can see besides the elevators that take you to one floor and one floor only – the Fourth Floor. There’s everything you need and it’s called the fourth floor for a reason, besides the fact that it is on the fourth floor.

The fourth floor at the Yotel features a Green Lounge with beautiful sofas, a Club Lounge to the left, a beautiful large terrace and Dohyo, the asian-latin inspired tapas cuisine.

If you are a local, 10th avenue might seem a bit far away for a walk but a stroll out to this location may let you discover new things that you haven’t seen in the city before. One of which is privacy.

The Club Lounge is my 2nd favorite spot to hang out as it features a series of glass walled rooms with a thick purple carpet, a TV, large sofas and free WiFi. It’s a room where you can come at night and watch a soccer game, or have a meeting, or just sit down and relax. They all have doors so you can enjoy true privacy with the crowd you are bringing.

My favorite location of Four is the outdoor terrace. It’s large, it features comfortable sofas that are made of some strange texture that I’ve never seen before but hey, they are comfortable and that’s all that really matters. I was told that there are DJs every weekend and it just dawned on me where I will be spending most of my summer.

At the back of the Fourth floor you will find the Asian-Latin cuisine ‘Dohyo’. Run by head chef John Calloway, it’s a global tapas, free flowing kitchen with a lot of fruity cocktails and beer on tap. It’s open until 12AM so you can take your time as you work your way to the outdoor terrace that closes at 2AM, and the inside lounge which closes at 4AM.

All photography is copyright © to Adrian Wilson