Preview: ‘The Green Lantern’

by Iain Alexander

James Bond director Martin Campbell takes us on a thrill ride in ‘Green Lantern’ with a diverse cast including Ryan Reynolds, Peter Sarsgaard and Blake Lively.

With the end of the world a recurrent theme in movies, the ‘Green Lantern’ promises to deliver a superhero punch mixed with the onslaught of imminent doom. The center piece of the movie evolves around a test pilot, who is chosen by an alien race to wear a special green ring that grants him extraordinary powers. With them, he must fight with an intergalactic squadron to keep the peace within the galaxy.

You could say the ‘Green Lantern’ is a mixture between ‘Star Trek’ and ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ with the sense of a space adventure mixed with the journey of overcoming hurdles, and fighting for survival.

Martin Campbell is no stranger to action thrillers, having directed James Bond reboots ‘Casino Royale’ with Daniel Craig, and its predecessor ‘Goldeneye’ starring Pierce Brosnan. Campbell is renowned for his ability to create moving stories within action settings. Will the ‘Green Lantern’ prove to be a good blend of the two?

The film will be released in Theaters on June 17th .

The Green Lantern trailer starring Ryan Reynolds