Regina Feoktistova – Sensuality and Seduction

Regina Feoktistova is shot by Gil Inoue for the latest issue of Smug Magazine #4. It is romantic and charming, Regina proves just why she is the next big thing.

For the latest cover shoot for Smug Magazine #4, Regina Feoktistova is beautiful, seductive and simply stunning in these portraits shot by Gil Inoue, titled Innvielse. With tousled, messy hair styling by Pasquale Ferrante and enticing smokey eyes by Junko Kioka, Regina proves just why she is set to be the next big thing.

At the moment, Regina Feoktistova is everywhere, leading a female renaissance of sensuality and seduction. Regina’s angelic looks and charm were enhanced by the expert styling of Jen Patryn.

My favorite image is actually the cover image, and it is not often that this happens; I often find cover images are overly commercial or posed. I think this image is beautiful in its simplicity, I love the styling, the hair, the make-up and the subtle nudity – amazing! The black and white images remind me a lot of a Kate Moss shoot by Patrick Demarchelier for the September issue of Vogue UK in 2010, but there are no obvious imitations, and it is not a carbon copy in any way, both images just have similar styling and an overall romantic feel.

This shoot is full of mystique and charm, is very cinematic. There is a clear narrative, and the lighting, composition and framing all add to the overall stunning and breathtaking aesthetic. I completely love this shoot, and I think it may my favorite Regina shoot to date, though I don’t doubt there will be countless other amazing editorials in the near future.