Star Trek genius J.J. Abrams unleashes Super 8 this week

by Iain Alexander

Star Trek director J.J. Abrams is at the helm of one of this year’s most anticipated sci-fi films : ‘Super 8‘.

The story takes place in 1979, where a group of friends witness a terrible train crash while making their own super 8mm movie. However, they soon feel that it’s no accident. The mystery unravels, and something far bigger, and more powerful has been unleashed, and soon begins to terrorize this small Ohio town.

‘Super 8’ brings a whole new dimension of sci-fi mixed with the thrilling fear of an unknown enemy. People are dying left and right but how? We just don’t know.

Paranormal activity has long been a debatable topic from flying saucers to poltergeists. Do they actually exist? After revealing the new ‘Super 8’ trailer, fans of J.J. Abrams creative mind will thirst for his latest epic, produced by Paramount and Steven Spielberg.

We are definitely excited about this one.

Super 8 Comes out this week on Friday in theaters

‘Super 8’ Trailer directed by J.J Abrams starring Elle Fanning