Summer Is Here, Be Good to Your Skin.

by Julia Dalton

Waikiki Honolulu, HI, 1980s

Between the sun burning your face off and turning it to leather and the bitter cold chapping it what are we to do to keep our faces looking fresh? Well, here are some tips on how to keep your face and skin as healthy and beautiful as possible for as long as possible.

I’ve heard people say too many times “paying for face washes or cleansers is a waste of money, I’ve got my soap right here” Here is the deal: soap is no good for your face! Plain and simple, the skin on your face is much more sensitive then the rest of your body. Bar soaps, in general, have harsh detergents, fragrances, and deodorant properties. Not something you want for your face (and possibly your body, but that is a different story… also, there are some more organic soaps that do not have those things). Facial cleansers are specifically made for your face’s skin, it has a lower pH and lower alkaline. However, make sure that when you get a facial cleanser, it says fragrance free. Those fragrances can really irritate your skin.

Also, you don’t need to reach really deep into your pocket when purchasing cleansers. The super expensive ones quite often have a ton of extra and unnecessary products in them. They are also only on your face for a moment. “There’s no need to buy an expensive cleanser loaded with fancy ingredients,” says photo biologist Daniel B. Yarosh, Ph.D., author of The New Science of Perfect Skin. “They’re on your skin for less than a minute, so they don’t have time to really do anything.

Nutrition! Nutrition! Nutrition! Eating well helps every part of your being, but you would be amazed at how much it helps your skin. Reduce your intake of junk food if you eat it habitually, you will be amazed at the change it makes for your skin. Trans fats and high glycemic foods really crush you. Eating leaner protein is life changing and skin changing! Also, consume foods that have a sufficient amount of zinc. Zinc is an essential for healthy skin. If you are unable to get all your essential vitamins, take a supplement.

Sunscreen is essential! Ladies I hear too often that you don’t use it because you don’t want to put it over your makeup and ruin it. PUT IT UNDER! There are plenty of sun tan lotions that you could wear under your makeup as your morning moisturizer. There are tons of moisturizers that have sun protection. USE IT! Also there are now many foundations with sunscreen. There really is no excuse. This will save your skin (& possibly your life) for years to come.

Also – make sure to take care of your lips. Your lips have some of the thinnest skin of your entire body and are overlooked way too often. Apply lip balm with UV protection.

Moisturize. I use moisturizer when I wake up and then, again, before I go to sleep. Sometimes, if my skin is feeling dry, I will use Vitamin E Oil and put it on my face before bed. Also, don’t think that you need to wait until you see the first sign of crow’s feet to use under eye cream. Start now. It helps!

De-stress and workout – Stress is probably the worst thing you can do to your skin. Take care of yourself not only on the outside, but on the inside too. Workout to lower your stress, hit the sack a little earlier or take a calm bath with nice music.

Remember, how you take care of yourself now, will show later down the road. Every time you’re truly shocked when someone tells you their age it because they either took amazing care of their skin and body or horrible. Be well.