Suzanne Tick for NeoCon 2011

by Daniel Haim


Suzanne Tick Inc. is pleased to announce new product introductions for NeoCon and the launch of our new Facebook page. June also marks Suzanne’s debut into the art world with her woven sculpture series entitled Salvage that will be exhibited this month at Design Miami/Basel 2011.

Suzanne continues to build on her knowledge of technical materials to create several new products which are destined to become instant classics. These include three new wallcoverings and a drapery for Knoll Textiles. Film Reel and Cable Twist both combine a technical tape yarn with polyester to create unique surface textures that capture color and reflect light. Antares is an exploration of sheen by using a hint of metallic to offset the dray natural weave. Fila, Knoll’s new drapery is an ingenious use of material and structure in a smaller scale warp knit construction.

For Tandus Flooring, Suzanne Tick is pleased to introduce the Reverse Collection which includes Reverse and Reflect, a gradation of pattern and color meant to mirror the shadowing effect of natural light. Continuing to add depth to her highly successful Manufactured Landscape product series, another new product called Divide, expresses the harmony and rhythm of basic geometric forms.