Tom Ford Beauty Launches The Color Line Of All Color Lines

Tom Ford is one of the few things you can consistently bet on. His new full cosmetic line is no exception.

I think that my heart may have stopped when I opened Women’s Wear Daily and saw the story on Tom Ford launching a full color cosmetic collection. I had only heard rumors. Now, if this alone excites you, you may need to sit down for what is coming next… it is a 132 piece collection and it is including skin care! Tom Ford had a lot of skeptics when he first talked about wanting to make his way over to the cosmetics world. He started speaking about it while working at Gucci, but no one thought “he had a voice in color” that is, until his lipsticks consistently sold out (they are PHENOMENAL by the way and on our May 2011 Top Picks).
It should be no surprise to anyone that Tom Ford says he has always wanted to build a full color cosmetic line, fashion is beauty and all fashion beauty at some point leads to cosmetics.

As you can see from his new advertisement- using Lara Stone, the current face of Calvin Klein – as his model, he has beautiful and heavily pigmented products. He says to expect a lot of color and heavy pigment. And he is certainly bringing his widely known attention to detail with his calligraphy tip brow pens that allow you to draw on individual brow hairs. Ford says the key to a youthful look is a nice thick brow.

But, what about this new ad? There is a lot of speculation as to why Ford would put himself in the ad. There is no room for men in beauty ads. Really? I mean what better way to show the sexy sensuality of a woman than next to a stunning stubbled man. Some people think it was a cocky move. I couldn’t disagree more. What a brilliant businessman Ford is. I mean, his name sells, his face sells and what is everyone talking about? The advertisements with his name and face on it.

As most of you know, Ford works with Estée Lauder for his sweet smelling fragrance line, well he will continue working with them for this line. I’ve heard this line will only be sold in the most exclusive stores, but his expanding lipstick line will be more readily available.

Personally, I could not be more excited to see these products. Tom Ford is a genius, I was thrilled when he made the move to women’s fashion, elated when he launched his lipstick line and now with his full line of color I’m not sure there are words for my anticipation.

The color collection will range from $30 to $250