Yotel Times Square Opening Night

by Daniel Haim

Photo Credit - Adrian Wilson

The best nights to go out in New York City are without a doubt not the weekends. The best events are usually on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and, as I recently discovered, the first Thursday of the month.

YOtel’s official opening-party last night just cements the fact that Tuesdays are now marked as the best nights to be out in New York City. I was under the impression that I would most likely see a cocktail night with bunch of investors, some architecture and perhaps a few photographers and their friends. No, that was not the case – well, yes, the investors were there and the photographers were there, but let’s just summarize by saying that there was a full open bar from 6PM until around 5AM, with after parties everywhere, and when I say everywhere ( and assuming you’ve read our in-detail review of the Four at the Yotel ) I mean everywhere.

Dohyo transformed into a dance floor, thanks to the hydraulics built in the the dining tables, and we enjoyed a jazz band, african dances and Reggie Watts gave a killer performance. Everybody was there. I read a tweet this morning, which was retweeted by @YotelHQ themselves. It read “If you’re not at Yotel this week, you’re not doing anything worth doing” and that summarizes everything we wanted to say.

The Yotel team closed down the 12th to the 8th floor, creating a story within each room. I began walking from room to room. There was one room that was dedicated to a pillow fight, another where our dear friend Kflay (who we recently interviewed) DJ’d, and one room where I was yelled at by a black man with a red tie – not sure what that was all about! But hey, I was so hammered, courtesy of the incredible open bar, that nothing really mattered!