Ab-Soul Walks Around The Moon Barefeet

Ab Soul, Photo Credit - Matt Plunkett


I first heard of Ab-Soul back during my stay in downtown Los Angeles. My good friend Matt Plunkett and I were discussing Hip Hop and he told me I had to check out this group called Black Hippy. I took him up on his suggestion and subsequently discovered and fell in love with one particular member of the force that is Black Hippy:  Ab- Soul. I got back to NY sometime around May and I picked up Ab’s album, Long Term Mentality. I didn’t know much about him, but was very excited to get new music as I was getting very tired of my current collection (which includes some 8000+ tracks).

Ab Soul, Longterm Mentality

I don’t get “sick” of music, but sometimes it’s tiring to listen to the same tracks over and over, especially when the only music on the radio nowadays is Drake, Lil Wayne and a slew of fleeting hip-hopers.

For me, Ab Soul is the savior of Hip Hop. Since his name starts with an A, he is on the top of my iTunes list and I start every single morning with Longterm Mentality.

The album at first wasn’t what I was looking for, but now I can’t live without it. From ‘Gone Insane’ and ‘Real Thinkers’ to ‘#LTM’, all of these tracks are ab-soulutele masterpieces.

Ab’s lyrics reveal that he’s a humble guy, a guy who’s been waiting patiently to get his chance to glow in this over-crowded industry and he deserves that and much more. Nearly three months later and I listen to the album every day, every night, in the car, wherever and I don’t get sick of it – that already proves that he’s the shit.

Some of the lyrics in the album are worth mentioning, and I can relate to them as I’m waiting for my time to shine, too. “You know how much my family expect from me considering the fact that I am literally just chasing a dream.” As we are progressing at Bloginity and seeing our dreams come true, Abs album ‘Longterm Mentality’ has been my personal influence to continue and push forward with the dream that, one day, we will leave a legacy behind that perhaps influences you, too.

If you’re a real hip-hop fan, Ab-Soul is a must-have in your collection.