Acne Paper Sweden Presents the Method of Acting

by Daniel Haim

In this captivating and intense photographic series for Acne Paper Sweden, titled PERSONA, Daniel Jackson captures the method of acting in progress. Joining cover girl Anais Pouliot is Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Colinne Michaelis, Iris Egbers, Kate King and Julia Saner. Styled by Mattias Karlsson; these models look fantastic in monochromatic knitwear and accessories.

I think this is a wonderful concept for an editorial piece. It’s not the kind of thing you see every time you flick through a magazine. I think the monochromatic aesthetic is perfect, and the overall composition of the editorial is very interesting. I like the images placed on top of each other, which I feel gives the suggestion of a film strip and gives the editorial a more authentic feel.

My favorite image is one of the group shots, and is probably the stand-out photograph from the series. It is where the model in the center is screaming, as a group of them sit around reading scripts. I think this is a really interesting image, and there is so much to look at. I feel that all the model’s surrounding the central girl have great expressions; I like that there is more to this image than just one focal point. I think this is a great, powerful and intense portrait series for Acne Paper, and I feel Daniel Jackson’s photography looks brilliant within the quirky page compositions.