Private Jets, Martha’s Vineyards & Alpina Genève

Alpina Geneve Startimer Pilot Collection Lunch at Henry’s, Martha’s Vineyards

Founded in 1883, Alpina is an independent, family owned watch company based in Geneva. Since its inception, the company has evolved into a Sports and Lifestyle brand with high quality, contemporary designs. Rich in tradition and heritage, Alpina’s distinguished automatic watches are the answer for those who want a sophisticated luxury timepiece, but without the hefty luxury price-tag.

As part of a cross-marketing campaign between Alpina Genève and Cessna Aircraft, Daniel Haim recently had the opportunity to fly to Martha’s Vineyard for an intimate and private tour and lunch with the Alpina Genève crew.

“Where do I start with this one? Sometime around June I received an invite that read “We invite you to board one of the Cessna Citation Mustage private jets, to fly from New York to Martha’s Vineyard for an exquisite lunch and a day of sightseeing. After lunch, naturally a return flight to New York will be waiting.”

I would say that the above quote summarizes how awesome that day was. I had the pleasure of attending with Dr. Peter Stas, founder and CEO of Frédérique Constant and Alpina Genève and Ralph Simons, the President of Alpina, Frédérique Constant USA Ltd.

We boarded the plane sometime around 10:00 AM. I enjoyed some of the many perks of private air travel: no luggage-checking to be upset with, no long lines, none of the usual airport hassles. We went straight towards the jet and off into about an hour of comfortable flight in the Cessna Citation Mustage jet with the group. Upon landing we took a tour bus to visit Martha’s Vineyard. Taking in the lush green scenery of the island and pristine backdrop of hills and cliffs, I couldn’t help but ponder the phenomenal place to live or vacation that is Martha’s Vineyard.

After the tour we headed over to Harbor View Hotel and Resort, located at the very heart of Edgartown. Truly a perfect setting for a weekend getaway, corporate retreat, or a family vacation. Taking a stroll, Harbor View’s scenery includes an absolutely stunning ocean view of the island’s clay cliffs and the resort itself is flanked by 19th century homes. The genuine Martha’s Vineyard decor and the incredible cuisine available were the icing on the cake ( so to speak ) of this lovely getaway. Over our lunch, I sat right between Ralph and Peter, and during the course of our conversation I was pleasantly surprised with what I discovered. Both Peter Stas and Ralph Simons are down-to-earth, genuine and great people to talk with. I discovered that Peter Stas is one of the only native Dutch watch makers out there, yet his Geneva based company is set to produce up to 125,000 pieces and put them on the market in the coming year. Their philosophy of “accessible luxury” is something both Peter Stas and Ralph Simons take to heart, and you can sense the same genuine passion for their work, equinamity and desire to be at the top of their game permeate into everything they do.

Alpina Genève is all about passion. That’s how the company started out, and what keeps them going today. The new Alpina Genève Pilot collection is done fantastically well, with the large face, white large numbers, and beautiful case and red detail on the dial. Check out the collection below, and enjoy the photos from our day at Martha’s Vineyard.