American Apparel Announces Exclusive eBay Partnership

by Daniel Haim

The American Apparel factory in Los Angeles, Photo Credit - Tom Coates

American Apparel, the vertically integrated clothing manufacturer based in downtown Los Angeles, is announcing a multi-year partnership with eBay to create the first full online lifestyle shop on the popular auction site. It is expected to become a multi-million dollar business within the first year.

Responding to extensive demand on eBay for American Apparel’s fashionable basics, the two companies have partnered in a unique way to offer the products and utilize their revolutionary infrastructures.

“There are more than 30,000 searches for American Apparel on eBay each month and right now those customers are not buying from us directly. I’m excited to connect that demand to our vertically integrated production and distribution platform to create a new revenue channel for American Apparel,” said Dov Charney, CEO and founder of American Apparel.

Orders placed through eBay’s user-friendly interface and payment system will be fulfilled by American Apparel’s sweatshop free Los Angeles factory. Additionally, the company’s signature photography and aesthetic will be prominently featured on the site. eBay’s unparalleled market share and marketing abilities, such as targeted email communication, affiliate programs and personalization, will help promote American Apparel to a new audience of devoted eBay shoppers.

The store, which will launch in September, will offer a full assortment of products chosen by American Apparel, including hoodies, T-shirts, underwear, jeans, kids clothing and more. It is just one part of a continued effort by the company to aggressively expand into new markets and open new distribution channels.