In Memory of Amy Winehouse

by Alice Byrne

Obviously, it is very sad when anybody dies. I have heard lots of people saying that to give one person’s passing so much attention, is insensitive to those who lose somebody everyday. But the truth is, when a public figure or celebrity dies, the nation, country, or even the world often wants to mourn, whether it is posting their thoughts on twitter, or visiting a prominent place.

I was lucky enough to see Amy Winehouse perform twice in my life, in 2007 and 2008, both at Glastonbury Festival. I suppose it could be said that these shows were when she was at the height of success and fame. Both these shows were incredible, and nothing like the video clips of her recent European tour that have been leaked on the internet.

So she racked up lots of awards. Five Grammys, Ivor Novello Awards, MOBO’s, MTV awards and the Mercury Prize. In her career, Amy received 23 awards and a staggering 58 nominations.

I don’t like hearing people say that she brought her death upon herself. Of course, she abused her body with drink and drugs, but addiction is very powerful, and it takes a supremely strong person to overcome it. Amy Winehouse’s death is a tragedy, not only her life has been cut short, but perhaps her career, which may have only just got started.

Love Is A Losing Game, Live Performance

You Know I’m No Good, Live Performance