Beautiful Portraits by Hannes Caspar

Hannes Caspar is a Berlin based photographer who loves portrait photography. He has been shooting faces, with a sense of personality and communication over the past five years, and he says that this is what truly inspires him. Incidentally, Hannes is from the wonderful Ben Trovato Blog, who are great friends of Bloginity.

Hannes curates a portrait photographer website, Facity, which delivers beautiful portraits from around the world on a daily basis. As of yet, he has been published in several small magazines, although he has some exciting new projects on the horizon.

“At the moment I am working with a New York agent on the publication of my first book. Most likely, however, the book will not be released until next year.”

The photographs in his portfolio are centered around emotions and how things feel. They are often very soft images, and to me they have sort of a romantic, nostalgic feel to them. I could spend (and have spent) a very long time looking through all the beautiful images on Hannes’ website. They are all so different, in terms of composition, subject matter etc, but the colors, soft focus and overall aesthetic is continuous throughout. There are a variety of different albums including women, nudes, films, babies, landscapes and there are even one of two dogs in there.