The Black Ghosts Album Artwork Creation Video for When Animals Stare

The idea for the Black Ghosts album artwork came from inside the minds of Theo & Simon.

Simon had ‘When Animals Stare’ in mind as a title, and as if by magic Theo had been downloading pictures of Glass eyes from a taxidermy website with another Art project in mind. So Simon took the eyes and lined them all up onto a grid, they looked amazing and were perfect for a promo sleeve.

Then the idea came to take the 25 best eyes, and paint them onto 600×600 canvases with spray paint and create a 10ft square piece of Art, photograph it, and use it as the Cover. While they were working on it, Theo also decided he wanted to choose some of his favorite letters from various fonts, and recreate them on a wall too, spelling out ‘The Black Ghosts’ and creating a new logo.

The Eyes we’re painted over 2 days at Woolhouse studios in High Barnet by Theo, and hung as they were finished by Simon. The result you can see for yourself. The Logo took another day, and still stands on the studio wall where they have been turning down work as they don’t want to cover it up.