The Dark Knight Rises Trailer – The World Wants To Know: Real or Fake?

The web wants to know whether The Dark Knight Rises Trailer which appeared today is fake or real. This Dark Knight Rises bootleg trailer is worth watching and won’t take more then 45 seconds of your life to decide.

Today’s Trending topic on Google is: The Dark Knight Rises Trailer. Perhaps it’s the hottest topic on around the Hollywood movie forums and the question is whether this trailer is real or fake. Hollywood Reporter is asking their audience as well.

Well, you decide, here is what leaked to the internet and why the world wants to know if it’s real or fake.

An apparent bootleg video has surfaced that has many fans debating whether it’s real or not. It’s primarily graphic with a shot of bats swarming a city with lightning overhead. The text reads, “The storm is coming to Gotham.” reports