Will Google acquire Hulu?

by Team Bloginity

Google and other major web companies including Aol and Amazon are vying for online video content giant Hulu, which is currently valued at $2-3 billion.

The online video content provider is one of the web’s hottest properties because of its vast array of high quality content from Fox hit shows to comedy TV series like Family Guy and movies.

With the value of video production going up, and the demand for high quality content increasing, a potential Google – Hulu purchase could change the landscape of the web. Whilst big competitors like Netflix have a comfortable footing in the market, it seems that anytime Google puts its eye on a hot commodity, it turns it into the next web phenomenon.

According to a report written by Iain from the Film Industry Network, the Hulu content library is highly valuable because of its content diversity, as it can be monetized through online advertising.