HBO Presents: I Still Have A Soul

Liam O’Neil and Jason Koburoy’s ‘I Still Have A Soul’ HBO Promo is a great short that you should check out for several reasons.

Screenshot, HBO: I Still Have A Soul

Homelessnes is a big topic of debate in America, and with a painfully slow recovery, there is still much work to do to help people get off the streets. The ‘I Still Have A Soul’ promo focuses on a homeless man who wants to succeed and improve his life by following his dreams. He may face all the obstacles and barriers that prevent him from being able to get what he wants, but his belief is there. The promo shows how the man with no future as we see it raises money to get to where he wants to be: A boxing champion. First, he trains, then he has to take care of himself. He struggles to overcome the daily battle to live another day to keep his quest going but its worth the risk.

The promo continues capturing his journey, in a short form montage with style and grace as it gives us an ounce of strength each moment our struggling protagonist gains an extra dollar, and gets further ahead. The music moves us, pushing the momentum further until we see real change moving quickly forward up until he gets into the ring.

For those of you who are not familiar with the HBO series ‘Boxing After Dark’, this promo gives you an insight into what the series is about. However, for filmmakers, take note of the pace this short promo has, as it can guide you, if you are looking to create promotional material for a series you are developing, or a film you want to shoot.

Good luck!