Elliott Morgan on Photography

Not too shabby for a university dropout barely in his 20s. Daniel has a chat with London based photographer Elliott Morgan about what makes him tick, his skin deep love of Nikon and his upcoming projects.

Elliott Morgan, Photo Credit: Samuel Bradley

Elliott Morgan, Photo Credit: Samuel Bradley

He’s shot and worked as photography editor for Disorder Magazine, been published in numerous publications, including Dazed & Confused, Oyster, i-D and photographed A-listers like Daniel Radcliffe, One Direction, Ke$ha. Not too shabby for a uni-dropout barely in his 20s. I had a chat with London based fashion photographer Elliott Morgan about what makes him tick, his skin deep love of Nikon and his upcoming projects.

Daniel: What’s up Elliott?

Elliott: Hey Daniel

Daniel: Let’s get started. Tell me about yourself, where did all of this begin?

Elliott: I am a 21 year old photographer based in London (originally from Coventry). I am a university drop-out, having studied fine art photography, I left the course to concentrate on my personal fashion based work. My interest in photography began when I finished school aged 16. I didn’t want to continue school so I joined a local college course in Photography. I photographed my friends as part of my projects, when local models expressed interest in shoots. It all grew on from that.

Daniel: What do you remember most from your childhood?

Elliott: I remember school, friends, being silly and computer games. I have nostalgic memories in growing up, I was always encouraged to do whatever I wanted, something I believe has influenced my life choices.

Daniel: What are you working on at the moment?

Elliott: I have a lot of things in the pipeline, all a secret and free to see in September, sorry to be cryptic but hopefully worth the wait.

Daniel: Who or what do you think is iconic?

Elliott: I believe something which sticks in your memory is iconic, it could stay with you for good or bad reasons. At the present time, I think Lady Gaga is the most iconic thing in the world. I am not a fan of her music, and not always her outfits, but she constantly pushes the boundaries.

Daniel: What are you currently obsessed with?

Elliott: In photography terms I am currently obsessed with natural light. I love the softness and unpredictability of it. It brings back the fun to shooting, rather than fabricated artificial light. In real life terms, I am obsessed with energy drinks.

Daniel: What surprises you?

Elliott: People surprise me everyday (in good ways and bad).

Daniel: I know you got some cool tattoos.. Let’s talk about that camera one. I understand you’ve got a Nikon tattooed on your arm, but now you’re shooting with a Canon!?

Elliott: I have a Nikon D40X tattooed on my inner arm, but I am with Canon now! (Traitor)

Daniel: Any regrets?

Elliott: Not at all, I knew I wouldn’t use that camera my whole career. That camera was extremely important to me as it was my tool in starting out. I could possibly use Nikon again in the future, both brands are great.

Daniel: Have you reached out to Nikon and told them about your tattoo?

Elliott: They actually found me, featured me on the Nikon Europe blog, a little awkward as I was shooting with Canon by that time. Nevertheless, it was great to be featured, just hope they don’t find out about my switch.

Daniel: What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Elliott: I live above a bakery, I’m ashamed to say i visit most days. Although I blame the convenience for the demise of my figure ha.

Daniel: What has been your favorite shoot thus far?

Elliott: My favorite shoot was with the actress Naomie Harris, we had full use of the London Film museum. We shot 6 different looks and various film sets including Star Wars and Sherlock Holmes. It was great using the sets for different uses. You will have to wait till September to see the images.

Daniel: What is your nickname?

Elliott: I don’t really have one, a lot of people call me Ell so I guess it could be that.

Daniel: What is one campaign that you dream about shooting? (e.g. Magazine to a brand)

Elliott: Like most fashion photographers, I would love to shoot for Vogue one day.

Daniel: Do you have any favorite designer?

Elliott: My favorite designer of recent years is probably Katie Eary. I saw some recent collections for London Graduate fashion week. There are some great up and coming talents, including Brett De Jager.

Daniel: What is your bad habit?

Elliott: My bad habit is awful TV. I tend to get too involved in programs whilst editing.

Daniel: Have you ever been star struck?

Elliott: I have been with Rupert Grint, I shot him last year for Disorder Magazine. I usually like to talk to my subjects as you go along, it leaves everyone feeling comfortable to achieve the best results. With Rupert, I thought it would be extremely difficult to relate to him. He was a permanent figure of my youth, having released the Harry Potter films throughout the stages of my childhood. After talking and a few snaps, I found Rupert extremely easy going and sociable.

Daniel: What is in the future for Elliott?

Elliott: Hopefully very bright. In 10 year time, I want a studio and to be shooting for the biggest magazines. We will see.