Designer Timothy George on Starting Out.

Timothy graced us with an interview in which he relays some of his first experiences starting out in the industry, how his childhood has shaped his drive to create in the industry, and shares his views on how technology may shape the future of fashion.

If you had to capture the essence of Timothy George Label in one world, it would be ‘romantic’. Timothy’s structured blazers and coats combine elements of medieval armor and femininity. As seen in his “Angel Coat”, Timothy George seamlessly fuses masculine elements of knighthood with soft touches of elegance, and his “Lady Maureen Blazer” adds a sleek, sensual dimension to his line.

Timothy graced us with an interview in which he relays some of his first experiences starting out in the industry, how his childhood has shaped his drive to create in the industry, and shares his views on how technology may shape the future of fashion.

Daniel: Timothy, lovely to stumble into you on Twitter. It’s funny how people get to meet nowadays. Right?

Timothy: Yes, indeed! It is funny and great. I always loved Twitter because of the ability to directly connect to people but in a very noninvasive way! For me Twitter has opened many doors that otherwise would have been shut!

Daniel: Tell me about yourself, introduce yourself to Bloginity, or as I like to say, give me your “artist CV”.

Timothy: First off I would like to thank Bloginity for this opportunity to reach out to your readers and expose them to the world of Timothy George! Love your work and everything Bloginity has to offer the fashion world!

A little about me. Well, in a nut shell I was introduced to the world of fashion through the Luxury accessories designer Rene Lautrec when I was in my late teens. Lautrec pushed me to really explore the world of fashion; taking his advice to the next level I began the journey. I, unlike Lautrec, wanted to start with clothing and with no prior clothing, design or production knowledge it was not so easy. I basically started by making calls and knocking on doors. I had no idea how/was too scared to get an internship with a real design firm so I started by asking factory owners. Luckily, with a bit of persistence, I captured the interest of one factory owner who produced some of the biggest and most prestigious brands in NYC. He decided he would let me work (for free) for him so that I could learn the industry. Fast forward a few years ,about 4 to be exact, I had gathered enough knowledge to try to start something on my own.

Daniel: How would you describe your childhood?

Timothy: Let’s start off with unique. I am the oldest of three boys, my mother was a registered nurse and my father an electrical engineer turned Greek Orthodox Priest. Because of my father’s sudden career change I was, what seemed to be, often on the go. I grew up in Boston, finished elementary school then due to a re-assignment on my Father’s side, we moved to Maryland and few years after another re-assignment to New Jersey. Because of all the moving (at what seemed the most inopportune moments of my life), I felt that I never fit in anywhere I was. I was never popular in school because as soon as I got to know people, I moved! As much as it was torture, and I hated school with a passion, I think did some good for my creative process. It definitely motivated me to succeed in something, because I knew I never wanted to repeat my childhood and never wanted to have the feeling of “not fitting in”. Coincidently, starting in the fashion industry was exactly the same as my childhood. Once again, I found myself with the oh-too-familiar-not-so-pleasurable experience of not fitting in. History does ,in fact, repeat itself. Thankfully, this time I am a bit more prepared!

Daniel: What do you think of technology nowadays?

Timothy: I think technology nowadays is becoming more and more necessary to survive, but it’s killing us at the same time. It has made the world smaller, now you can travel the world, shop the world, and make friends with people you never met all via one screen! Who would have thought?

I do however think this ease of access to everything has made the world a bit surreal. I think technology has enhanced people’s experiences but has limited how they experience things. You can’t do anything nowadays without seeing it through the eyes of some advertiser. I believe the way of the future is going to be in limiting how technology affects our life, the anti-technology if you will. Something like a life spam filter, haha.

Daniel: Do you think Twitter has the capability of changing the fashion industry

Timothy: No. Well, unless Twitter starts designing clothing. However, I do think that Twitter has the ability to change how we see fashion, but there are various platforms that could, and do, currently impact the fashion industry. I guess it would be fair to say the discoveries of new fashion and the speed that we get information will change fashion, but to me it’s fashion changing fashion not Twitter necessary changing fashion.

Daniel: What are you currently obsessed with?

Timothy: For myself I would say my new Puma shoes they weigh 6.7 oz !!! And as for designing, I am really obsessed with creating shapes that people NEVER think they could wear!

Daniel: What surprises you?

Timothy: How naïve I was when I entered the fashion industry…and how far being naïve actually got me.

Daniel: What are 5 websites you visit every day?

Timothy: All of my new fashion bloggers sites LOVE:,,,, Twitter,

Daniel: What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Timothy: Has to be shopping….it gets bad.

Daniel: What is your favorite food?

Timothy: Prime Rib… yum!! And beet salad with goat cheese.

Daniel: What was the last book you read?

Timothy: Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Daniel: My wardrobe consists of…

Timothy: Jeans

One thing: I never wear sweat pants! A few suits, many blazers and jackets (I collect them, all types, from McQueen to the no-name brands) Puma sneakers in every style you can think of !! Huge Puma fan, few t-shirts that I altered, many V neck T’s by Hugo Boss, bunch of Jewelry ,mainly collect rings. I love rings!!!

Daniel: What is your nickname?

Timothy: Well, until recently I didn’t have one…but I guess I have to admit I kind of do : COB, otherwise known as Chairmen of the Board ha…it’s because….I have a really deep and raspy voice.

Daniel: Your best style advice?

Timothy: If you feel uncomfortable (mentally not physically)…. in what you have on, then you don’t look good.

Daniel: If you could choose any three things to get for free what would you choose?

Timothy: Show at a Couture collection in Paris, A fighter Jet (for my dad…he wants one haha), A Building on Madison Ave

Daniel: Do you have any favorite designer?

Timothy: John Galliano. I really love his work.

Daniel: Who’s your inspiration and why?

Timothy: Truly my audience is my inspiration anyone who will take the time to look or try to understand what I am doing really inspires me to move forward every day.

Daniel: What can you tell us about your new collection?

Timothy: My new collection is inspired by armor… it’s a unique mix of a hard ridged look, and a soft feel and wear. It is very structured and it makes a statement.

Daniel: What do you love most about the fashion world?

Timothy: I love seeing the massive creative processes from all the designers and the teams all around the world! I love things that are clever and there are many really amazing designers with great ideas…I love that! I also love how things are ever changing !

Daniel: Have you always wanted to become a designer?

Timothy: Ever since I was 19…before then I just wanted to fit in.

Daniel: When you first started, what was your biggest dream? And have you accomplished that?

Timothy: My biggest dream is for my work to be appreciated. I’m getting there.

Daniel: When did you know you finally made it as a professional designer?

Timothy: Honestly, I could be making all the money in the world with designing and never really feel that I made it. It’s so surreal to me, I feel like I’m dreaming actually.

Daniel: What has been your most rewarding achievement as a designer?

Timothy: I would say for sure it was seeing eye to eye with a buyer who I have much respect for. It felt really good for someone to understand where I was coming from.