Visionaire Presents: Religion – Controversial and Artistic Lara Stone

Lara Stone is shot by Mert & Marcus for Visionaire 60, the issue being titled Religion. Lara poses, crucifix-like, tightly bound and suspended by ropes, naked.

I remember, over a year ago, picking up LOVE #3, and seeing a photo shoot with Lara Stone (and lots of other supermodels, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell) that I couldn’t quite believe. Almost two years later, and here Lara is, taking it about five steps further.

For the Religion issue of Visionaire 60, Lara Stone is shot by Mert & Marcus. Not any kind of regular magazine, but the very fancy (and very expensive) big sister of seasonal V Magazine. This issue is leather bound. It is guest-edited by Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci, who was once quoted saying “My sexuality is never vulgar… When you look back through history many religions have nudity in their paintings, drawings and sculptures”. This is true, but this editorial piece will definitely get people talking.

I actually like it. I am a huge Lara Stone fan, and she can’t really do much wrong in my eyes. She is posed, crucifix-like, tightly bound and suspended by ropes, naked. I think she look very vulnerable here, especially in the photograph where she is bound upright. So far only two images have been released.

Is it artistic or controversial? I think it is most definitely both. There is also a token giant snake thrown in, in case everything else was just not quite enough.