Somewhere, Lost in Time.

Somewhere Lost in Time is a series of beautiful, spur of the moment images that capture a love at first sight instinct with everyday surroundings. The spontaneous nature of the photographs gives each image a cinematic and romantic feel. They are photographed by Ana Rita Sousa and Ivano Salonia, who are based in Amsterdam.

In a way, this is a documentary series. The images capture a journey through places that are not necessarily remarkable or breathtaking beautiful, but the everyday feel of these images gives them a certain charm and appeal. Though the images are rough, this is part of their magnetism, and I really feel that this manual photography style is hugely underrated. This photographic collection is about forever memorizing a beautiful moment that means something. It’s like transforming a daily moment into a remarkable image that can last forever.

I seriously love these images. My  favorite is the photograph of the image of the barbershop. They are both gorgeous images, and I love everything about them. All the images have fantastic colors, and have beautiful natural lighting.

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