Luis Morais Creates Stunning High-End Jewelry

Incredible Brazilian jeweler creates stylish and understated pieces that are becoming some of the most exciting designs of the moment. Here, he talks inspiration, exotic materials and his favorite pieces to create.

Brazilian jeweler Luis Morais creates stunning high-end jewelry from luxury materials. He began designing in 2000, and since then he has combined colored stones, beads, gems and gold to create his understated, yet breath-taking designs. His interest in creating jewelry stemmed from a passion for design and creativity;  Morais’ designs have evolved to be some of the most sought-after pieces, with boutiques and department stores alike all queuing to stock Luis’ creations.

Luis’ designs often have a Gothic edge, with the designer’s signature skull and cross embellishments. Each piece is meticulously constructed from fine materials including Brazilian ebony, woven hemp, crocodile and lizard skins, as well as precious stones and metals, and exotic materials like sandalwood.

His designs work with contrasts; light and dark, hard and soft, diamonds and skulls. Luis works with clients all over the globe, with his jewelry being sold in New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Beirut, Dubai and Tokyo.

I especially love the White Gold and Ostrich Eggshell Bead Bracelet. I love the colors and the texture of the beads. I really like how simple the design is, yet how when you look closely, the black enamel spider and eye bead look so intricate, stylish and beautifully hand-crafted. Definitely the perfect investment piece.

Alice: How did you get started creating jewelry?

Luis: I started making jewelry in 2000 when I saw a bracelet in a magazine that I wanted but could not get. I decided to make the piece myself, which led to requests from friends for similar pieces. Soon boutique owners were asking me for my jewelry.

Alice: You have had several very exciting collaborations, does one stand out in particular to you?

Luis: I have learned a lot from all the collaborations I have undertaken. But the most inspirational collaboration I have done have been with private clients

Alice: How does it feel to see people wearing your designs?

Luis: I love seeing people wearing my jewelry. It always brings about this deep awareness of how connected we all truly are. It is just so fascinating to try and grasp the realization that the separation of my designs and the people I see wearing them ceases to exist.

Alice: What are your favorite materials to work with?

Luis: Gold, precious stones and any worldly exotic materials that I find a connection with

Alice: Your jewelry is so unique and interesting, what has been your favorite piece to create?

Luis: The Yellow Gold Shark

Alice: What is it that inspires you?

Luis: People, religion, beliefs, fashion, everything!

Alice: What is your proudest achievement to date?

Luis: This journey is my proudest achievement.

Alice: What do you do for fun?

Luis: Travel, Yoga and make jewelry!

Alice: Of all your designs, which is your favorite?

Luis: The Yellow Gold Shark

Alice: Where is your favorite place to go on holiday?

Luis: An Ashram

Alice: Summer or Winter?

Luis: Spring

Alice: Do you have a favorite song at the moment?

Luis: I am currently listening to Danger Mouse.

Alice: What person inspires you the most?

Luis: Any person with individual style inspires me.

Alice: If you could get one person to wear your designs, who would it be?

Luis: Queen of England

Alice: Do you have any bad habits?

Luis: One of my bad habits is trying to get a good habit.

Alice: What do you like to read?

Luis: Any books on Metaphysics

Alice: What is your favorite desert?

Luis: Chocolate Moose

Alice: What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Luis: Get a Publicist