Marc Jacobs New Daisy Scent

The new scent from Marc Jacobs’ Daisy collection Eau So Fresh is fun, flirty and simply divine.

I was lucky enough to come across the new scent from Marc Jacobs Daisy Collection, Eau So Fresh It is just that, so fresh. The scent is very feminine with top notes of grapefruit, raspberry and pear, middle notes of wild rose, violets and apple blossom and a base of musk, Virginia cedar wood and plum.

For those that don’t know, perfume is broken down into three harmonious notes. The top notes are the smells you immediately detect after putting the perfume on, middle notes are known as the heart of the scent. These are the smells that come through right before the top notes dissipate. And, finally, the base notes, these are the tones that you smell after around 30 minutes post application.

These notes make up an amazing and stunning smell for Marc Jacob’s new Daisy fragrance. Daisy Eau So Fresh also comes in a very cute bottle and is even sold in a wonderful purse size spray.

Retails $45 – $85. click here for more information