Ritz Marie Exclusive Photo-shoot

by Alice Byrne

These photographs are from a stunning photo shoot by Ritz Marie, featuring two models named Leigh and Ksenia. The images were shot in the office of Elite Models in Toronto, as Ritz Marie had said she had wanted to shoot there from the moment he stepped inside. The images are simple and full of light; they are beautifully styled by Courtney Brooke.

My favorite thing about these photographs is the light, and the way is creates shadows across the models. There is a mix of black and white photography, and I think both look great, though I feel they create very different results. The monochromatic images are much more atmospheric and moody, whereas the color images appear much more light-hearted and summery. It is not hard to see why Rita wanted to shoot in the offices so much. The vast windows let in a huge amount of natural light which creates a wonderful background for a simple yet very effective fashion shoot.