Sarah Cinnerman is The Huntress

by Alice Byrne

For the latest issue of Dressed to Kill, Sarah Cinnerman stars in an exotic editorial spread, which is photographed by Richard Bernadin. Sarah is clad in a mix of seventies looks including fringing, cut-outs and tribal accessories, which are styled by Fritz. Sarah’s long glossy locks set off the innovative fashion choices perfectly, and her seductive make-up gives her a glamorous edge, both by Leslie-Ann Thomson. I actually feel that she resembles Megan Fox somewhat in these photographs, both through the styling and the way she is posing for the camera.

This editorial spread, titled The Huntress, is sexy and very seductive. Sarah is rocking the cowgirl trend (which is often overdone and is somewhat outdate), and it works really well here. I feel the exotic foliage in the background of the shots means that the cowgirl-style images do not look outdated or too cliche. She is showing off her wild side, by lounging around on a bear skin rug in revealing outfits.