Summer Escapism with Dree Hemingway and Jon Kortajarena

by Alice Byrne

This is definitely how I would like to spend my summer. Dree Hemingway and Jon Kortajarena star in a summer cover shoot and editorial spread for the July issue of Vogue Turkey, shot by Sebastian Faena. This gorgeous shoot was styled by Mary Fellowes, who dresses the duo summery casual wear. The pair go exploring in this strong narrative that takes them to the beach-side, relaxed summer mornings and along dusty romantic roads.

These scrapbook style images give the whole editorial a vintage feel, with the torn edges and hand written notes underneath. I would say I am actually not so keen on this whole look, and I think the images would be much stronger on their own. However, I feel the images, and the narrative, are strong enough that the page styling does not detract from the images.

The photographs are shot by Sebastian in a beautiful location, and Dree and Jon make a very sexy couple. The bright colors in this editorial are stunning, and the overall vintage feel gives the whole series a nostalgic and holiday-escape feel. Jon Kortajarena (possibly my favorite male model) looks incredible in this shoot, his bone structure is just amazing. Dree looks gorgeous as well, and I think her tasteful topless shots are beautiful, especially when the two of them are reclining on the sofa.