Sophie Vlaming Shot by Thiemo Sander

by Alice Byrne

Dutch model Sophie Vlaming is shot by Thiemo Sander in an editorial spread for Soon International #3. I think this is a very interesting set of images, they have a certain cave-girl look about them. Sophie is draped in heavy furs and feathery creations, with designs featured from Kenzo, Lanvin and Marni among others.

I actually really like these images. I like the raw nature of the styling, hair and make-up. The messy hair really adds to the rough-around-the-edges feel, and they way Sophie’s skin is made to look kind of dirty adds to the overall look. I think this styling works really well in black and white, although I also think the colour images work well, and you get more of a cave-girl feel from these.

My favorite image is in colour, and this is the close-up of Sophie with the feather headdress on. I love the bright white light in the background of this image, and the way the feathers are slightly out of focus. The close-up images here are all reasonably strong, and I prefer these to the full-body shots.