Take a Trip to the Hamptons with Andreea Diaconu

by Alice Byrne

For the latest issue of One Magazine, photographer Karine Basilio takes a trip down to the Hamptons with gorgeous Romanian model Andreea Diaconu. This shoot opens up the world of high-society sophistication and elegance, with up-town summer wear picked out by stylist Diana Andreea (yes, they have very similar names!). Labels featured include Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Chanel. Andreea helps depict the perfect Hamptons summer. She embodies the effortless summer socialite.

This editorial was shot by Karine Basilio, who has been shaking up the fashion photography world for the past 11 years. She has had her work published in some of the best fashion magazines worldwide, including Haper’s Bazaar and InStyle.

I feel there are two stand out images from this editorial, titled Hamptons Girl. One being the tennis shot, very reminiscent of the iconic Tennis Girl photograph shot by Martin Elliott in 1976. I really like this photograph of Andreea, as I think her side profile is stunning. However, my favorite image by far is the beach photograph with the white feather dress. I feel the colors in this image are fantastic, I love the movement, and the sense of spontaneity and instinct. Hair by Katsumi Matsuo, Make-up by Ingeborg, Produced by Briana Jacobson and Tess @ Fill in the Blank.