Vogue To Launch Online Archive?

Vogue is a brand and media force that has unparalleled relevance and influence on the fashion industry. Earlier this year, Vogue publisher Susan Plagemann announced that “[Vogue] are rolling out a new web property in December”, but declined to give any more details on the new venture.

Today is seems to have come to light that this illusive new web venture will be a digital archive of every copy of the publication since it launched in the 1890‘s, so every copy will be readily available online. It is hard to imagine just how useful this archive will be. I can’t even think how many times I have been searching online for various issues of the publication from various different decades. Also, in some ways it could be seen as a replacement for keeping stacks and stacks of magazines (I have piles much taller than myself of various magazines), although I feel that there will always be a need to keep hold of paper copies of treasured issues.

Of course there are still many things that are unclear. One main issue being whether or not you have to pay to access this archive, which I am guessing you will. Also it is unknown just how comprehensive the search facilities will be. I think this is a great venture for Vogue, and a logical next step into the digital world.