What Movie Should I Watch Tonight?

That is the perfect question for you to ask. Do you know what to watch? Well now there’s a clever website that helps you find the right movies to see.

What Movie Should I Watch Tonight: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Kevin Yaun and Ian Bauer have developed an intriguing website that delivers regularly updated trailers to help you choose which films you should watch. With a host of high quality clips and an interactive menu with recommended films, ‘What Movies I Should Watch Tonight’ is a fun approach to that often simple, yet difficult task.

If you are looking for a specific quality in a movie, say explosions or criminals, there are breakdowns of different elements to help you find appropriate choices. Choosing to watch a genre film is often too vague of a choice to really set your sights on what you want to be immersed in, so finding a movie element is more precise, and can cross over genres. Let’s say you want to watch an action movie, but it has to have some kind of feel to it, ‘What Movie Should I Watch Tonight’ can help you close the gap with choices within the action genre like swords, knives, guns and so on.

The site is currently in BETA stage but has huge potential to really give movie lovers a fully interactive service, and provides an easy to use interface for watching trailers, and short descriptions of the movies themselves.

Check out their website : www.whatmovieshouldiwatchtonight.com