Xavier Dolan – Top Directing Talent

by Iain Alexander


Xavier Dolan is a bright upcoming film director with huge talents, having won the ‘Un Certain Regard’ prize at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.

His recent movie ‘Heartbeats‘ was a poetic and comedic take on the sexuality of love and desire. With panache, Xavier delivered one of Cannes’ finest films of the year, despite critics who claimed it was too early to give him any praise.

Heartbeats, "Heartbreakers, that's you"

Looking back at 2010, Xavier Dolan has been one of the festival’s big success stories, and the young director has a bright career ahead of him. While ‘Heartbeats’ touches on the fantasy of desire, the competitiveness of two people seeking the same love is all too present in society. Ever had a friend who fancied the same girl or guy as you?

The Canadian director is currently working on ‘Laurence Anyways’, a movie about a couple who face an ‘impossible’ love, after one of them gets a sex change.