Yves Saint Laurent Cream Shadow

by Julia Dalton

I don’t care what the question is, if it has to do with YSL Beauty, the answer is YES. Period, no exceptions. I have recently been loving their Fard Lumiere Aquarésistant (aka water resistant cream eye shadow). These shadows really emphasizes the eyes with brilliant, lasting color that truly stays beautifully through these hot, humid days. I’ve heard it’ll even hold if you take a quick dip in the pool.

The colors are magnificent (definitely try the Riviera Blue one of this summer’s hottest shades) and they are incredibly buildable. I’ve even used it as a base and applied a powder or pigment on top (but it works like magic by itself). The texture of this product is unique and unmatched to any other cream shadow, almost like a dollop of whipped cream that is reborn into a perfectly silky shimmer that lays perfectly on your lid. If you’ve had issues with other cream shadows, I would toss them to the side to make room for the Queen bee of the shadow world, Yves Saint Laurent.

Price tag $30.00 – Purchase here.