Amanda Booth Journey’s Home

In this latest fashion editorial for Remix Magazine, Amanda Booth dons some of the most elegant and striking looks and designs from Azzedine Alaia, in this fashion narrative that sees Amanda take an adventurous journey home. Shot by Steven Lyon, and styled by Jenke-agmed Tailly, Amanda looks stunning as she travels around from street to bar to a gorgeous Mexican beach.

The overall look of this editorial is a little different to the glossy, perfect images that we often see. The photographs are very grainy, particularly in black and white. We feel this gives them a much more cinematic and aged feel, which works well, but often images like this can come under scrutiny for not being as perfect or clear as people may like. The photographs are more about the atmosphere and emotion, rather than showcasing all the different designs from the label. Of course, the fashion featured looks gorgeous, but that is not necessarily what you eye is drawn to when looking at the photographs.

The locations each of these images are shot in just adds to the overall impact of the series. The beach is completely stunning and the black and white images here could easily be shots out of a movie. The interior shots also look amazing, with Amanda providing us with a more vulnerable and pensive look as she attempts to make her way home.