Emma Watson to Star in new film adaption of Beauty and the Beast

The news are true, Harry Potter star Emma Watson has been lined up for a new film gig. Websites across the web report that the 21-year-old actress will be starring in the new film of Beauty and the Beast. How exciting!

Comingsoon.net reported that Emma Watson will star in a film adaption of Beauty and the Beast. Although there are not too many details at this point – we are thankful that we will not get a “cheesy teen rom com” as Vancouver Sun said it – which indicates there will not be a Vanessa Hudgens in this film.

In a recent interview Emma said “I feel like young girls are told they have to be this kind of princess and be all this sweet stuff. It’s all bullshit.”

Oh well, we’re definitely excited about the fact that it’s not going to be an abhor-able film featuring a young Disney actor and that this film might actually make it into the classical movie list.